Nlite Solutions is a recruitment, digital marketing, office management, resource management and managed services organisation that strives to help business put together a staff of highly efficient and skilled professionals.

Nlite is the vital link between client and candidate. Nlite build and develop positive relationship with business.

Information Technology or IT is playing a major role in every aspect of businesses and therefore the requirement of staff that have expertise in performing IT functions are in great demand. More and more businesses or enterprises prefer to focus their time, energies and financial resources in the running of enterprises rather than going through the time consuming process of hiring work force or prospective employees.

Our team of expert consultants has deep experience across HR disciplines. Our consulting support is informed by unparalleled employment data developed through Nlite Solutions' global network of recruitment. Gain the expertise you need to drive your business forward.


Our Vision & Values

OUR VISION is to lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work.

We care about people and the role of work in their lives. We respect people as individuals, trusting them, supporting them, enabling them to achieve their aims in work and in life. We help people develop their careers through planning, work, coaching and training.

We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources, so that everyone understands what is important now and what’s happening next in the world of work - and knows how best to respond. We actively listen and act upon this information to improve our relationships, solutions and services.

Based on our understanding of the world of work, we actively pursue the development and adoption of the best practices worldwide. We lead in the world of work. We dare to innovate, to pioneer and to evolve.

We thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit and speed of response; taking risks, knowing that we will not always succeed, but never exposing our clients to risk.


Capabilities & Expertise

Our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods ensure that we identify the talent with the necessary skills and personal attributes that will add value to your organization.

We offer a full array of resources, from online training for a small-business staff to customized programs for businesses of all sizes, including many of the companies.

We provide innovative outsourcing solutions across a wide range of disciplines. The world’s leading companies turn to us for Talent Based Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do recruitment agencies do?

Recruitment agencies are outside firms who go and find candidates for employers.Do not confuse recruitment agencies with employment agencies. The main difference lies in who ends up being your employer. If you get a job through arecruitment agency, you become an employee of the employer.

Why you should use a recruitment agency?

The second main reason why many companies turn to recruitment agencies is to improve their quality of hire. The main advantage of using a recruitment agency is that most of them are specialized in certain industries or functions, which means they already have a pool of highly skilled candidates at their disposal.

What are the stages of recruitment?
  • Step 1 – Before you start looking.
  • Step 2 – Preparing a job description and person profile.
  • Step 3 – Finding candidates.
  • Step 4 – Managing the application process.
  • Step 5 – Selecting candidates.
  • Step 6 – Making the appointment.
  • Step 7 – Induction.