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Talent management is a constant process that involves attracting and retaining high-quality employees, developing their skills.
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Resources can be termed as the backbone for every organisation. How well they are managed and how well versed they are with the changing technology, decides the success of the organisation. Nlite’s recruitment methodology concentrates on finding the right and potential candidates for your organisation. Talent acquisition is done through the use of different strategies starting from finding the potential candidates through offline and online sources, referrals and applicant cache to the onboarding activity and providing them with orientation and training. Our main aim is to find executives, experts, skilled and adaptable workforce that fits into the organisation. Finding appropriate candidates for specific positions which requires expertise and a specific skill set is no longer an issue with Nlite.

 Nlite follows an approach that concentrates on long term needs and requirements. From sourcing and hiring strategies, to candidate’s assessment by compliance with the hiring standards. Everything will be taken care of by Nlite. Our talent acquisition team will take the responsibility of finding, assessing and onboarding the appropriate candidates, who are well versed with technology, communication skills, leadership qualities, skills that match the specific job requirements etc. So that the organisation will be at ease. Hiring the best workforce and retaining the top talents, by keeping in view the future requirements, will no longer be any hectic task for your organisation.

Recruitment process is never a one-time activity for any business, it’s a continuous process. The entire recruitment process requires proper planning, advertising, execution, allocation of expenditure, expertise etc. Organisations can opt for the external providers for outsourcing the recruitment process in order to save time, effort and money and utilise them for other important business decisions and purposes.

 The recruitment process outsourcing is an extension or a replacement for the internal recruitment process. From planning and executing the entire recruitment process, to onboarding the candidates having specific skill sets for the job role is done at Nlite. Nlite recruiting solutions includes scouring of multiple resources using both offline and online techniques, designing of testing processes with a multi-pronged approach, considering different aspects to understand the long-term goals, cultural fit, psychological aspects, leadership abilities and abilities to perform under stress etc. 

 Our team with a lot of expertise in the recruitment process will find the right candidates suitable for the right job. Thus, reducing the cost and effort incurred for internally managing the recruitment process. Nlite takes care of the negotiation with the candidates, paperwork, certificates verification, background check, orientation and training, payroll processing etc. 

Off Source talent management has gained importance all over the world. The costs it saves for the organisation, and the effectiveness of the services provided to the organisation are the additional advantages of off source talent management. The overall off source recruitment and off source talent management requires all together a different level of understanding and awareness, as the rules, regulations, laws, procedures etc differ from country to country. 

 Nlite makes sure that productive and skilled workforce are used, to meet your business requirements so that the return on investment is clearly visible and the quality of the services provided will be high. Nlite gives high importance to the major aspects i.e., complete knowledge regarding the industry and the country where the candidates will be working. The working conditions, safety, quality standards, governance, compliance to the laws, rules and regulations etc matters the most in off source talent management. 

Nlite makes sure that the industry and the country where candidates will be working is the best in terms of the availability of skilled workforce, governance, work culture, low expenditure etc. Nlite also takes care of all the activities related and relevant to off source talent management, so that the organisation will be benefited through high outputs at comparatively low expenditure. Our experienced and well-versed teams will handle all the activities effectively and efficiently. 

Proper workforce planning will make sure that right skilled persons are employed at the right places, so that their knowledge, skills, efficiency and efforts are better utilised for achieving the organisational goals and objectives. Best and fullest utilisation of the workforce will be an advantage for the organisation. The entire process includes identifying the supply and demand trends in the workforce and also proper planning and analysing. 

 Mission and vision of the organisation will be given high priority, so that workforce allotment is done in such a way that, right candidate is allotted for right work and the end objectives of the organisation are met. 

 Proper workforce planning helps in the optimum utilisation of workforce, so that the return on investment is high and organisation goals are achieved. But for proper workforce planning, many elements should be taken into consideration. Nlite helps the businesses by taking up the entire process of workforce planning. From allocation of resources, to proper and effective utilisation of their skills is taken care by Nlite. No more waiting, your solution is right here in the form of Nlite. All you need to do is, just reaching us.

Every business will focus on providing the best trainings for their onboarding or on boarded employees. But in the end, how they execute it and what they deliver, is something that needs to be concerned. 

Performance management is usually given high priority, as the success or failure of the organisation depends on the overall business performance, which is directly linked to employee’s performance. 

 Any deviations in the performance of the employees, from the actual business expectations, should be monitored well and any possible adverse impacts should be effectively controlled. All these can be done through performance management. Identifying the reasons for the decline or deviations in the performance and taking up appropriate measures are mandatory. 

Thinking about how to do and whom to approach?

Don’t worry, Nlite is the best solution for the continuous process of performance management. Three decades of experience in the industry has made Nlite to understand the pulse and also use correct techniques for monitoring the performance.

Onboarding is the process of making the appropriate candidate as your new employee. It is not as simple as it is heard. The entire onboarding process includes communication with the new employee and making them understand their roles and responsibilities, helping them to know about the organisation, it’s policies and procedures, introducing them to co-workers, letting them to know the exact organisation expectations from their job role, providing them with the required equipment, giving them proper on job training and guidance etc.  

 Engaging the new employees before and during the onboarding process is mandatory for every organisation. It helps in retaining the talented and experienced employees for a longer period. The commitment an employee has towards the organisation also increases through effective employee engagement. Proper engagement will motivate an employee to give their best and strive for success of the organisation. Researches have also found that more than 80 percent of the employees feel that engagement should be given high priority. 

 Proper onboarding and engagement will help the organisation in achieving their goals as the employees are the key factors for any business. Nlite will take care of the onboarding and engagement process in such a way that, it increases the productivity of the employees, their loyalty towards the organisation, their output as per the expectations, reduces the absenteeism etc.